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Standard Georgian Apex Shed

  • Apex Shed with secure non opening Georgian Style windows glazed with individual 3mm toughened glass panes.
  • 2" x 2" framing with 2" x 1" at non loading areas
  • Free upgrade on buildings 8' x 8' and above to a heavy duty V313 moisture resistant caperboard floor.
  • Ideal outhouse or store building
  • FREE installation onto your level base
  • NOTE: First Dimension = Gable (door end) x length (window side) eg: 8ft gable x 10ft deep
  • Window Quantity: Small panes - Amount depends on building size and door position
  • Ledged and braced door operated by three lever lock with key and a metal non fade lever handle
  • Fully dipped with a spirit based treatment - initial coat with further treatment recommended
  • Standard internal heights; Eaves 72" and Ridge 81"
  • Please allow an extra 7" for external eaves and ridge heights
  • Ridge height varies depending on gable width (9ft gable = 84", 10ft gable = 86" and 12ft gable = 91")

A&J Sectional Buildings Ltd £ 749.70 to 6507.60 Available in selected sizes.

Please Note: All prices on the page are subject to change at manufacturers discretion.

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